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United for success in the metal industry – Participating actively in interest groups holds greater importance than ever in this day and age. It’s the most effective way to combine the strength of common values, visions and synergies to effectively meet continuous economic challenges and achieve sustained market resilience. Overall, we regard our involvement in metal industry associations as a strategic investment in their future. It enables us to work together on the constant development of a sustainable, ethically responsible and innovative industry that is not only successful but also makes a positive contribution to society.


metal.suisse is an umbrella organisation that represents the interests of the steel, metal and facade  construction sector. As an organisation, metal.suisse ensures the interests of the metallic building materials industry are fully represented on a political level in terms of the construction methods used by the industry  and the entire recyclable materials loop. The association promotes the use of steel, metal and facade construction in Switzerland and it is tasked with the mission of representing shared political interests.


For over 50 years, SWISS INOX has served as an information hub for stainless steels, providing expert advice for all companies that handle this material. The association aims to promote the use of stainless steels in all fields. SWISS INOX helps to ensure that stainless steel is used correctly by providing access to an extensive collection of publications and information on materials as well as offering expert guidance on specific issues. 


The VSEMH represents the interests of the Swiss stainless steel and metal trade. It deals with issues relating to imports and exports, quotas, shipping rates, customs, taxes and business management.

Forum Blech

Forum Blech is the Swiss industry association for sheet metal processing and metal construction. Education and training will continue to be the primary goal of Forum Blech in the future. This is because Switzerland can only respond to economic pressure from Europe with the highest quality and flexibility. The production of top-tier components requires the expertise of outstanding specialists.

Building industry resilience sustainably

As a training company, we can apply our many years of expertise to strengthen our industry in a sustainable way. We achieve this by offering prospective specialists a multifaceted, varied and exciting introduction to the world of metals.

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