REFERENCE | 10.05.2023

Exotic splendour with Steel Color S.P.A. surface finishes


With sophistication in planning and skillful combination of different materials, the bar cladding was provided with a touch «1001 nights». The golden and mirror-polished surface of the sheets shimmers discreetly through the ornaments in front and gives the cladding an interesting look without being obtrusive.

Project data

The mesh cladding and elements of the clocks were made from our Steel Color S.P.A. coloured stainless steel sheets.  Our TSteel Oro SM surface finish was used in alloy 1.4301, with a thickness of 1 mm.


EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality 

Products used

TSteel Oro SM


Alloy 1.4301 
Thickness 1 mm

Would you like to learn more about these extraordinary surface finishes?

What do you need to consider in the design and how can the sheets be processed?

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