REFERENCE | 15.02.2023

Journey beneath the Rhine at "Dreirosendüker"

Project visit to "Dreirosendüker", Basel

Before we dive into the project in the truest sense, here is an overview of the project data:

Realisation: Josef Muff AG  / Chief Installation Supervisor Thomas Röhl
Construction period: Nov. 2021 - May 2022
Application: Sewage pipeline under the Rhine between Gross- and Kleinbasel, relief pipeline during reconstruction
Materials: 450 metres of pipes and pipe bends, ø 609 mm in material 1.4404

Notz Metall AG had the unique opportunity to discuss the impressive project with the Chief Installation Supervisor Thomas Röhl.


After the project was finished, we had the opportunity to ask the Chief Installation Supervisor a few questions:

NME: Thomas, is this a standard project for you or something out of the ordinary?

TR: It is a standard project for me in terms of size and considering the length as well as the dimensioning of the pipes. What is unusual here are the logistical challenges.

NME: Can you explain that to me in more detail?

TR: There are quite significant space constraints in the existing shaft. In order for the pipes and bends to get to their final location, existing installations had to be dismantled and holes had to be cut into existing ground. The six metres of pipes with a diameter of 609 mm that were delivered, have to be lowered by crane down a 30-metre shaft. The pipes are then lowered into the assembly shaft via a self-built chute. There, the pipes have to be brought to their final location by handcart and temporarily suspended from the ceiling until they can be machined. 

This is to comply with fire protection regulations. Handling the materials is so time-consuming that only two welded seams can be completed per day.

We excel in complex logistics solutionss and many customers rely on our expertise.

NME: What do you think about the way we have provided support as a supplier in this project?

TR: We need to have the pipes on site on time and it was therefore very important for us to have a reliable partner. After a pipe delivery, we need about three days to get the entire batch to its final position as described earlier. You have always delivered the pipes within the agreed timeframe and the quality of the pipes and bends has also been impeccable.

NME: Thomas, do you already know what project awaits you afterwards?

TR: Fortunately, Josef Muff AG is going to be involved in a follow-up project in Lucerne for the expansion of the lake water district heating system. As I was already able to complete the first project, I may now also be part of this new project.

NME: Thank you very much for these fascinating insights, Thomas!


Dreirosenbüker Basel

Planning & realisation
Products used

Pipes / bends


Material 1.4404
ø 609 mm

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