About Notz group

In 1898, Albert Notz understood that he could do business with the flourishing watchmaking industry, because the manufacturers who until then had used brass alloys to make watch components wanted to replace this metal with stainless steel. The only possible suppliers of quality steels at the time were the world-famous Swedish producers. Already during the founding year, Albert Notz placed the cornerstone of a successful future with a joint venture with the Bienna import firm, Courvoisier. Soon watchmakers were joined by the mechanical, machine, tool and electronics industries, automobile and bicycle factories, railways, shipbuilders and other quickly-expanding fields of industry.

In 1971, Notz & Co. SA moved to its new central administrative building in Brügg / Biel where it built the building used still today for production and storage.

The serious recession in the 1990s followed the Golden years of the 1980s. 1993 was the year of the purchase of MAG Metall AG, leader in the trade of non-ferrous metal and bar-turning steel. Notz Metall AG, as leader in stainless steel, thus further reinforced its position on the market.

Thus on 1 January 2002, Jacques Allemann, a firm highly specialised in ultra-precise drawing, profiling and straightening of metal wire, was integrated into the group.

With the integration, on 1 January 2003, of Studer AG a producer of high-precision cold rolled flat wire, Notz Metall AG’s range of flat products was extended.

With the integration of VOCO Draht AG in 2005 and, in 2008, of VOGT & Cie Tréfilerie S.A., newly established under the name VOCO Sàrl, Notz group completes its offer with finely laminated wire intended for the production of metallic sponges (scourers) and metallic meshes for industrial uses. The production of high-quality metallic meshes and efficient copper-plating complete the services provided.

At the beginning of 2013, EZM Biennaform AG, based in Biel, was bought by and integrated into the company Studer SA. This gave the company name Studer-Biennaform AG.

On 30 June 2017 the Company Lamineries MATTHEY SA was acquired by NOTZ METAL SA (NOTZgroup). Lamineries MATTHEY, a third-generation family company headquartered since 1901 in La Neuveville, continue its operations as before as a unit of NOTZ METAL SA.Lamineries MATTHEY will henceforth trade as Lamineries MATTHEY, branch of NOTZ METALL AG at Rue Montagu 38, CH-2520 La Neuveville.

Notz Metal Inc. remains, after more than 100 years of existence, a fourth generation family company employing about 90 employees in the trading division. The entire NOTZgroup has more than 200 employees.